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Brigitte C Robinson

Brigitte C Robinson

Albany, GA



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Brigitte Charisse Robinson was born in South Carolina on August 17, 1960. In search of a better way of life, her immediate family relocated to New Jersey around 1963. She grew up in New Jersey and still considers herself a northern. The northeast will always be home to her and carries with it a lot of fond memories. One of such was being accepted at Harvard University-Cambridge, MA. Because the out-of-state tuition was too expensive for her parents, Robinson attended the University of Arizona-Tucson, AZ instead. She had a passion for art, but was terrified of be coming a "starving artist." So instead, she decided to major in accounting (for the purposes of job security). Due to medical problems, Robinson took a leave-of-absence and returned to NJ. She has worked in corp. accounting for over 18 yrs; but in 2003, she decided to make a career change. This led her to relocating to GA and attending a 2 yr. community college. Her major was Art with a concentration in Journalism. Although she was a slow learner, Robinson became one of the best art students on campus. This was a tremendous boost to her artistic ego which had been shattered by the harsh and critical remarks made by a previous instructor (Univ. of AZ).
Now that her 1st love has returned, Robinson has the strength and confidence to create objective and non-objective art in a proactive manner. She enjoys exploring various different medias' for a rare and unique look.
Although landscape art is her favorite, Robinson has occassionally created some portraits. She has attended the University of Memphis - Memphis, TN and her major was Fine Art.


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